gary face Gary Tsuruda
Retired Speaker
and Consultant

I taught middle school mathematics for 35 years in San Mateo and Palo Alto, including five years as a district math/science consultant. After retiring from classroom teaching in 2005, I presented seminars on teaching middle school mathematics for Staff Development Resources (SDR) until February 2009. My main focus was on helping teachers establish classroom cultures that encouraged students to become actively involved in their learning. I provided a variety of materials for teachers in my workshops and seminars. You may download them free from this site.
Workshop Materials:

Asilomar Games
pdf, 4.1MB
33 page packet of games and tricks from my presentation at the 2007 Asilomar Math Conference
Megafolio Covers
ppt, 107MB
PowerPoint slides showing covers from student projects on factoring and linear graphing
Soft and Mushy
ppt, 165kB
PowerPoint slides from a presentation about teaching that I made several years ago
Math Lessons
zip, 4.6MB
PowerPoint lessons covering more than 20 topics from middle school math
Course Materials
zip, 332kB
Background information, philosophy, course outlines, projects, and assignments from seventh grade courses
Probability Unit
zip, 43kB
Lessons and assignments from a 7th grade probability unit
Proportion Unit
zip, 50kB
Lessons and assignments from a 7th grade proportion unit

Putting It Together: Middle School Math in Transition
putting it together image Written in 1994, this book describes my personal transformation as a teacher as I modified my beliefs about how students learn. My relatively traditional approach changed to become more student-centered as I began to incorporate more writing, problem solving, group work, and portfolios in my classroom.  Putting It Together is available from or
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